Bob Greenfest: The Workout Guru

Whether for businesses or individuals, making sound financial decisions is not for the faint of heart. It is a mix of careful scrutiny of the numbers, delving deeply into past performance, and envisioning a logical, positive future; all with an ounce of reality, a cynic’s eye, and a caring approach. Imagine a blend of Dr. House with Dr. Phil. 


Businesses need me.

Ø  I provide operational and strategic support for managing business operations, loans or real estate portfolios, while saving the cost and risk of adding staff.

Ø  I have almost 30 years of turning around struggling operations, investments, and loans. 


At the same time, I assess clients’ business and personal financial situations.

Ø  I renegotiate and restructure commercial and personal debt obligations and work out of financial hardship including credit card debt and business loans.

Ø  I work with retailers to bring their rent in line with appropriate rent to sales ratios in today’s declining financial markets.

Ø  I restructure home mortgage loans and personal real estate taxes that no longer make sense based upon the value of today’s homes.

Ø  I manage the future wealth of clients via prudent, long term wealth advisory consulting.


I consider myself a workout guru. My favorite position is when I can make an individual or company breathe easier. I look forward to the challenges, but mostly I just need to succeed.

Bob can be contacted at or @BobGreenfest


asset management • real estate and corporate finance • operations • investment banking • financial planning • business development • turnaround management


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