Rep. Hank Johnson

How many of you have read about Rep. Hank Johnson, the Congressman representing the Fourth District in Georgia (DeKalb, Rockdale, and Gwinnett Counties) asking Admiral Robert Willard in an Armed Services Committee meeting if the Admiral was concerned if the additional troops inhabiting Guam would tip over and capsize the island. If you don’t believe that a United States Congressman really asked this question with 100% sincerity, go to or and watch the video for yourself.

I have always been an advocate that no question is too stupid to ask. Rep. Johnson made me change my mind! A Congressman representing approximately 1.5 million people asked if Guam would capsize by sending additional troops to the island. Nothing further needs to be said about this; except, of course, that you probably haven’t heard of this because the main stream media has given this item little to no play. Just imagine if Governor Palin asked if Guam would capsize if more people inhabited the island.

Increases in jobless claims, tight credit markets, residential and commercial property foreclosures, or lack thereof due to extend and pretend, enormous salaries for executives at publically traded companies, government controlled health care, and a slew of additional maladies are changing the landscape of our country. Good thing we have Rep. Johnson’s help in governing our nation. Fire him now!


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