New York Lawyers – Courtesy – Wachovia

According to my blog stats, it’s been 42 days since my last posting. This is the longest period I have gone between postings since I first published the blog.

I’ve been working on a very interesting real estate case. Without divulging confidences, a Special Servicer has sent a notice of default and accelerated a 9 figure loan secured by 1,150 apartments in Harlem. There are so many twists and turns related to this matter, which is only starting, that it would already take an entire book to explain everything that has occurred. Needless to say, the matter requires a significant amount of time and attention.

Of course, due to the myriad complexities of the engagement, a number of law firms are involved. The firm representing the Special Servicer is a New York based firm. Granted, they are on the “other side of the table” in the negotiations. I respect that they need to represent their client’s interest. However, our team received a letter the other day in response to something we sent to them. The New York lawyer’s letter was nasty and disrespectful on so many different levels. Why does an educated person feel the need to respond in such a discourteous manner? Is his self esteem so low that he feels the need to try and belittle others to help deal with his own personal issues? His letter, especially the tone of it, truly accomplished nothing positive for his client. I’m not sure why people feel a need to get down to this low level as you really can attract more bees with honey than vinegar.

On another front, I recently had $995 stolen from my checking account. Someone, somehow duplicated my ATM card and withdrew funds from a bank in Illinois. On the day the theft occurred, my bank, Wachovia, stopped all transactions on the card and called me. I spent 40 minutes with them on the phone going over which transactions were mine, and which transactions were fraudulent. Erica at Wachovia understood what occurred and promised me that the funds would be back in my account within 24 hours. She also sent me a new debit card via overnight mail.

There are so many times banks act in a bureaucratic manner. I get very upset when people have to follow procedures, at a cost of not thinking (see blog entry titled Bank Thinking at its Best – NOT! for an example of not thinking). On the matter of my money being stolen, Wachovia went above and beyond for me. They notified me of the theft and then truly made an effort to immediately rectify the situation. Thank you Erica, and everyone else I’ve talked with at Wachovia since the theft, for really showing what customer service can be.

Completely unrelated to all of the above, my oldest son turns 21 years old tomorrow. I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of him; he’s become a great man. I hope he has a really great birthday!

Finally, for those who missed reading the Washington Business Journal article and have asked me about it, the link is For those who have called and written to tell me they enjoyed reading it, thank you.


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