Bank Thinking at its Best – NOT!

Banks have many ways of protecting its depositors and stockholders from fraud. They compensate their executives at very high levels so these individuals can use their super brain powers to serve their financial institution in a fiduciary capacity.

Yesterday, a large bank, that I won’t name but represents America, would not allow Steve Valdez to cash a check in its Tampa branch without providing his thumb print. The bank’s rule is if you do not have an account with the bank then, even if the check is drawn on the bank and you provide two forms of identification, you must still provide a thumb print to cash a check. This is a level of extra protection the bank provides without even having to charge a fee for this valuable service.

Unfortunately, Mr. Valdez could not provide his thumb print because he was born with no arms.

How come a barista at Starbucks has the ability to provide me with a free cup of coffee if I have to wait a minute for the new pot to brew, but a teller in a bank can’t cash a check for an armless man because they require a thumb print?

Is there really a need for me to have a concluding paragraph with a punch line – isn’t this story a punch line all by itself?


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