Donald Trump’s hair is not the only thing making him look bad these days

Today I have a Celebrity Blogger. The entry below was written by my close friend Mark Lipowsky. Mark is an entrepreneur who owns a number of exciting businesses. See Although the positing is not typical of what I tend to speak about, it is worthy of posting and I hope you enjoy reading it.

By Mark Lipowsky

I am a big fan of Donald Trump and a big fan of The Celebrity Apprentice. Any show in which has-beens and wannabes are willing to make complete idiots of themselves for 60 minutes of fame is a great premise. For those of you that have been tuned to Desperate Housewives and don’t realize there is real entertainment just a remote click away, the premise of this show is that the has-beens and wannabes divide into two teams, and compete in tasks in order to raise money for their favorite charities.

This year’s has-beens and wannabes included Scott Hamilton, Brian McKnight, Tom Green, Herschel Walker, Annie Duke, Natalie Gulbis, Claudia Jordan, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, Jesse James, Clint Black, Khloe Kardashian, Joan and Melissa Rivers, Dennis Rodman, Andrew Dice Clay and Brande Roderick. I know, like the other millions of viewers, you don’t know who most of these people are. The only one on the list you never heard of, and don’t want to miss, is Brande Roderick ( a former Playboy Playmate and Baywatch babe).

Every week, each team picks a project manager to lead them in their task, which usually is to promote a commercial product. I am sure the product sponsor is paying a lot of money to Trump and to the show to endorse its product. The project manager of the winning team is the only one that gets money for their personal charity as a reward for the team’s winning performance. The usual amount is $20,000, unless, as in last week’s episode, they shamelessly promoted a line of Ivanka Trump jewelry (otherwise no one would have known Ivanka had a line of jewelry), and held a fundraiser in which the has-beens and wannabes needed to call all of their rich friends and have them bid on this jewelry. Ivanka couldn’t even donate the jewelry. Each team had to pay for the jewelry and hope it brought more than they had to pay for it. It was very embarrassing when one item never received a bid. Each week, someone from the losing team gets fired, with The Donald uttering his now famous line “You’re Fired!”.

Forbes magazine has Donald Trump’s net worth at 3 billion dollars, although Donald disputes the amount, claiming his net worth at 7 billion dollars. With all of The Donald’s money, and the fact that the show costs nothing to produce, and they are shamelessly promoting commercial products each week that they are getting paid big bucks for, you would think that they could give more than $20,000 each week as the total amount donated to charity, which I am sure is a write off. Also, as a means to motivate the entire team, wouldn’t it be a good strategic move for the winning project manager to allocate some of the charitable donations to his or her other teammate’s charities? Wouldn’t this action motivate everyone to work together, instead of the off times divisive actions seen by team members.

Any no name contestant would win more than that for singing to Wayne Brady or going to kindergarten with Jeff Foxworthy. Come on Donald. Sell off a couple of your toupees and donate some real money to charity.


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