I had written a really great entry titled “Bank Intellect (An Oxymoron)”. This entry related a recent experience I had with a lender who, in my opinion, is handling a problem loan in a less than prudent manner. Due to a series of reasons, I will not publish this story (at this time). Count on seeing the story once the dust settles; you will find it informative, insightful, and entertaining.

Within the last week I’ve been interviewed by two different magazines. The first periodical, Insto, will have an article discussing Have Bank Stocks Hit Bottom. You can guess my thoughts on this subject. The second magazine, MyBusiness, is publishing an article on What You’ve Done to Correct a Bad Business Situation. I related some interesting stories of what I’ve done when my company has inadvertently failed to meet customer expectations. I always strive for exemplary service and will go to any means to rectify a situation that, for one reason or another, left the customer with a bad feeling. Both of these articles should be published within the next 30 – 90 days.

Here’s an example of when a company should have tried better to satisfy me! In December I returned a cable TV box because it wasn’t working properly. My subsequent bills for December – March have had “pay per view” movies on them that have originated from the cable box I returned. You would think one simple phone call would correct this error. I apologize – I used the word think and cable company in the same thought.

I’ve spent no less than 6 hours trying to explain to people with no capacity to think that I should not be billed for movies that were not originated from a device in my house. I’ve told the cable company to turn off this box since it’s not in my possession. Fortunately, I’ve elevated this issue to a lobbyist for the cable company and he’s trying to help me; although the situation hasn’t been corrected for the last three months. Sisyphus may have had an easier experience than I’m having with my cable company!

I am a 20 year customer of this cable company and I pay approximately $150 per month for cable and internet service. All I initially wanted was a credit for the eight movies billed to my account that I did not order. The cable company has treated me like I’m trying to steal services.

If I was the cable company I would immediately issue a credit AND provide three free months of service for this valued customer (me) for the time and aggravation I’ve encountered in trying to correct a problem that the cable company initiated. This isn’t an example of poor services, it’s one of no service.

As far as the economy goes – it remains depressing. Another friend of mine was laid off from a firm where he almost had 25 years of service. He worked for a very well established company. Another friend of mine who is a general contractor told me that sub contactors are not only answering his calls, which they are typically bad at doing, but they are also following up on bids they’ve submitted to see if they received a job. This action of sub contractors following up is almost unheard of and represents my friend’s basis for how difficult the world of business has become.

On a good note, I figured out how to import this blog on both LinkedIn and facebook. In the month of March my readership increased 60% from February’s readership. Thank you very much.

I promise to provide a more substantive update soon as there is so much going on in the economy. My thoughts about all of the new government intervention will be predictable, but you should enjoy my perspective nevertheless.


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