Wine or Banks; or is it Whine about Banks

Last night I was having dinner. Nothing fancy, a very nice chicken Caesar salad. I wanted to have wine with dinner. Since I was having a fairly simple meal, I thought a simple bottle would be appropriate.

I opened my wine cabinet, looked around for about 30 seconds, and pulled a bottle of Charles Shaw’s wine that I had picked up on a trip to Trader Joe’s last year. As many of you know, this value wine is commonly referred to as “Two Buck Chuck” as it sells for $2.00 (although you pay a bit more at Trader Joe’s).

I specifically pulled this bottle because I found humor (sic) in the fact that I had to pay more for this wine that I would have to pay for a share of Citigroup stock.

I know I’ve been a doomsayer. As predicted in an earlier blog, many companies have now reduced or eliminated dividends. Today’s unemployment figures are scary. Our Debt to GDP ratio is now at 75%; its 185% in Japan. They’ve been flooding the markets with cash for the last 25 years.

Citigroup stock – about a $1.00,
Two Buck Chuck – $2.00,
Dow Jones Industrial Average – at 3:30 p.m. down another 140+ points,
Giving the Prime Minister of England 25 DVD’s as a gift for a visiting dignitary – PRICELESS


One Response to “Wine or Banks; or is it Whine about Banks”

  1. Alan Willsey Says:

    Appreciate the humor, sadly though 2 Buck is worth more than Citi, who’da thought??? Hmmm…aren’t their wine futures?

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